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Responsibilities First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Purchase Orders Ryan Lingholm Buyer lingholmr@mydelraybeach.com 561-243-7129 Ext. 1811
Purchase Orders Ja'Anal Dowdell Buyer dowdell@mydelraybeach.com 561-243-7129 Ext. 1812
Contracts and Contract Administration Natasha Tucker Purchasing Agent tuckern@mydelrybeach.com 561-243-7129
Contracts and Contract Administration Jose Hidalgo Purchasing Agent hidalgoj@mydelraybeach.com 561-243-7129 Ext. 1814
Assistant in Administration Sharmesha Winkfield Administrative Assistant winkfields@mydelraybeach.com 561-243-7129 Ext. 1813
Administration Theresa Webb Chief Purchasing Officer webbt@mydelraybeach.com 561-243-7129 Ext. 1810
Warehouse and Inventory Management Leon Slydell Inventory Control Clerk slydell@mydelraybeach.com 561-243-7129 Ext. 4306
Contracts and Contract Administration Enrique Lopez Senior Purchasing Agent lopez2@mydelraybeach.com 561-342-7129 Ext. 1815
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