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How to Become a Supplier
The City utilizes a fair and competitive process to procure quality and cost effective goods and services from responsive and responsible suppliers.  We welcome and encourage suppliers to register and to respond to City solicitations.

The Purchasing Department conducts its procurement activities in accordance with Chapter 36 of the Delray Beach Code of Ordinances and with applicable federal, State, and local laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Chapter 36

Click Here to begin the Supplier registration process. You may find the most current Commodity Code Listing here. If you wish to update an existing Supplier information then please click here.

Online Service
The City utilizes BidSync electronic online services for notification and distribution of its solicitation documents.  Registration with BidSync allows suppliers to participate in solicitation opportunities and receive automatic notifications related to solicitations that are issued by the City. The BidSync service is a self-managed portal in which suppliers maintain their profiles and contact information.

Tax Exemption Certificate
The City of Delray Beach is exempt from the payment of Florida state sales tax. Sales Tax Certificate.

Local Preference Certification
The City of Delray Beach has a local preference ordinance within the Code of Ordinances a 'local business' is any person, firm, partnership, company or corporation authorized to do business in Florida that has a valid business tax receipt issued by the City for at least one year and a physical address within the City from which the vendor lawfully performs and operates. For more information refer the the City Code of Ordinances Chapter 36, Section 36.14. Local Preference Certification applications are accepted by the Purchasing Department.

Commodity Code List
Commodity Code List

Vendor Application
Vendor Application is required from all suppliers who conduct business with the City prior to issuing a purchase order or contract. 

IRS Form W-9
IRS Form W-9 form is required from all suppliers who conduct business with the City. In order ro fulfill IRS requirements, the City requires a current, fully completed and signed W-9 form from each supplier prior to issuing a purchase order or contract.

Return completed Vendor Application, Local Preference Certification, and W-9 forms as follows:

  • E-mail to: purchasing@mydelraybeach.com;
  • U.S. mail to:

    City of Delray Beach
    Purchasing Department
    100 N.W. 1st Avenue
    Delray Beach, FL 33444

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