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The City of Delray Beach is proud to announce the implementation of the pay-by-phone/app service, Parkmobile, in both the Old School Square and the Federspiel garages in the downtown area. 

The City charges a flat $5 fee from 4 p.m. until midnight, Thursday through Saturday for parking.Payment is not required for vehicles parked in the garages before 4 p.m. and can remain in the garage after 4 p.m. for no additional cost. However, drivers that exit the garage after 4 p.m. will be required to pay the $5 fee upon return. Parking for persons who have disabled parking permits will be free throughout the City, whether the visitor chooses to park on the street, in a surface parking lot or in one of our parking garages. 

The Parkmobile app allows customers to effortlessly input payment information, while also sending a 15-minute reminder before the meter expires. Current Parkmobile users will receive a prompt upon entering the garage inviting them to pay for parking using the app. 

Ambassadors from the City's parking management contract firm, Lanier, will be on hand in both garages to assist patrons with this process. Further updates on City parking will follow.  

What is Parkmobile?

Parkmobile is a pay-by-phone/app service that is providing customers to the City of Delray Beach Parking Facilities an alternative payment option. The option to pay for parking with a smart phone, cell phone, or website is intended to complement the existing parking payment options. More information about Parkmobile can be found at www.parkmobile.com.

How do I use Parkmobile?
The first step is to register with Parkmobile. Visit www.parkmobile.com, or scan any QR code at the parking location to begin. Customers may also access their smart phone app provider to download the free Parkmobile app. When registering, a credit card is required.

How does it work?

  1. Look for the Parkmobile sign or sticker.

  2. Use the Parkmobile mobile app or mobile website to enter in the zone number listed on the sign and choose your parking duration.

  3. You can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expired.

  4. Patrons who already have the Parkmobile app downloaded onto their smart phones will receive a prompt upon entering the garage inviting them to pay for parking using the phone application.  The app will allow you to pay using their license plate number and will save a trip to the meter.  

Is there a fee for using Parkmobile?

Yes, a convenience fee of $0.35 will be charged for each transaction using Parkmobile.

Will Parkmobile be available in City of Delray Beach surface lots and garages?
Currently, Parkmobile will be available on City of Delray Beach parking garages. Within the next few months, Parkmobile will be used for surface lots and will complement the existing payment methods. Instead of utilizing a receipt to place on the car dashboard, your vehicle license plate will serve as the credential through Parkmobile.



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