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LAND DEVELOPMENT PROCESSING is the most visible of the Department's activities. Here, the business of individual site development is handled from project conception to application for building permit, as well as land use matters relating to uses of individual sites and buildings. The types of land use items processed include:

  • Rezonings
  • Annexations
  • Conditional Uses
  • Site Development Plans
  • Future Land Use Map Amendments
  • Water Service Agreements (i.e. extension of water services to unincorporated County areas)
  • Abandonments
  • Certificates of Appropriateness (Historic Districts)
  • Historic Designation requests
  • Amendments to the Land Development Regulations

A key component of land development processing activity is the REVIEW OF LAND DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS.

The Planning and Zoning Department conducts and coordinates the technical review of DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS with other City Departments. The CITY DEPARTMENTS/DIVISIONS which are involved in the land development review process are:

  • Engineering
  • Building
  • Landscaping
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Utilities

Representatives of these Departments/Divisions sit on the City's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) which meets weekly to review development proposals.

Review of development applications is also coordinated with OUTSIDE AGENCIES such as:

  • The Downtown Development Authority (DDA)
  • The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
  • West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition (WARC)
  • Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD)
  • Palm Beach County Traffic Division
  • South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)
  • Pineapple Grove Main Street Program

Applications are reviewed for compliance with the City's DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS. Those development standards are compiled in the LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS, often referred to as the LDRS.

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