Volunteer Program


The City of Delray Beach is seeking volunteers as a means of promoting citizen involvement and providing the best possible service to the community.  By encouraging volunteers to share the responsibility of meeting citizens' needs, the quality of life in the community can be enriched. 

Volunteers have always been a valuable resource to the City.  The award winning Delray Beach Police Department Volunteer Program is comprised of over 500 citizen volunteers who take an active role in helping to protect their community.  Many possess special skills and exceptional qualifications that have proven to be an asset to our local government.  Delray Beach Fire-Rescue's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) organization has trained over 350 volunteers to assist in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  Volunteer opportunities exist for citizens who would like to work in harmony with the government by serving on Advisory Boards and Committees

It is the goal of the City of Delray Beach Volunteer Program to create a database of volunteers listing their areas of expertise and interests.  Based on this information, the City will be able to draw from this database when a short term activity becomes available, focusing on volunteer interest and ability.

For additional information on the volunteer program and how you can become a volunteer click here.

City of Delray Beach Volunteer Application Process:

All volunteers in all programs will be required to go through a National Background Check.  Applicants interested in volunteering must complete the five forms listed below and return to the Human Resources Department.

Volunteer Application OR Volunteer Youth Application (Applicants ages 14 to 17)

Affidavit of Good Moral Character

Volunteer Consent Release Form

Volunteer Interest Survey

Voluntary Worker Agreement Form