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Call to Artists project descriptions are issued periodically by the City of Delray Beach that has building projects. Links to those project descriptions will be posted in the list of Current Calls (below). Note: City submission requirements may vary. Be sure to read each project description carefully.
Artists on the City’s mailing list who have checked “Public Art Advisory Board/Artist Registry” will be notified of these projects via email. Join the mailing list. It will be the artist's responsibility to maintain their correct email address on the mailing list.
  • Calls to Artists include a complete description and requirements for that project.
  • Artists decide if their work "fits" a project's description and then submit an entry to that project.
  • Artists may enter multiple projects but, because each project has its own art selection committee, they must send a separate entry for each project.
  • Galleries and artist's representatives are encouraged to submit materials for their artists.
Please make sure you are on the Public Advisory Art Board email list to receive more information or updates.
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Call to Artists Deadline Extended through November 7

PROJECT NAME: Heritage Art - Delray Beach Florida

PROJECT LOCATION(S): Citywide at public art sites throughout the city. The artist will work with the Public Art Advisory Board to locate/site the artwork or artworks.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Artist/artist team will work to preserve the City's heritage and the memories of its citizens by incorporating historic images/typography into meaningful works of art. Main goal of the project is to highlight the history of Delray Beach and reclaim lost images and historical events from all neighborhoods. The artist's role is to create a single or multiple pieces of art that acknowledge the Delray Beach history that has been lost and to preserve memories that can live forever through creative thought provoking art.

BACKGROUND: Delray Beach is a dynamic, ever changing city. With all growth and development, there is an inevitable loss of history. Familiar landmarks such as buildings, shops, restaurants, and houses are replaced daily as new development diversifies the landscape of Delray Beach and throughout the country. As an indirect consequence of development, thousands of artifacts, memorabilia, and memories are lost. The very soul of a city is its history and it needs to be remembered.

PROJECT INTENT: This project is intended to help preserve the heritage and memories of Delray Beach and its citizens by incorporating historic images/typography into meaningful works of art.

ARTIST FEE: Not to exceed $15,000

DUE DATE: End of the day on November 7.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Only complete project applications will be considered. A complete application will include:
• Artist's resume (including current contact information). If a team is being submitted, all artists must provide an individual resume as part of the application package
• Letter of Intent that includes medium that will be used
• Maximum of 10 digital images of the artist's work (If a team is being submitted, a minimum of 2 images for each artist in the team must be submitted. Max of 10 digital images for a team still applies).
• Detail sketch of ideas for project piece(s)
• List of possible locations/methods to acquire historical images. Process by which piece will be inspired and relate to project intent.

• Project is to be completed within (1) one year of executed contract
• Project may include one or more pieces by selected artist
• Each selected piece will be approved by the Public Art Advisory Board and meet all required City Codes
• Insurance Certificate naming City of Delray Beach as additional insured
• Artist to provide all supplies and/or equipment needed to produce and install selected piece(s)
• Any medium is acceptable as long as it is appropriate and has anticipated life-span of 10 years. • Art maintenance and safety plan will be included in final submission of selected piece.
• The artist should be familiar with public art projects and have the ability to work in a collaborative way with the art board and other stakeholders.
• Single or multiple works of art may be proposed.
• Three artists will be selected from all submitted applications to present proposals to the Public Art Advisory Board.
• A monetary reward of $200 will be paid to each of the three finalists.

For more information, please contact:

Delray Beach Parks & Recreation
(561) 243-7136

Suzanne Fisher, Director Fisher@mydelraybeach.com

Alberta Gaum, Recreation Superintendent gaum@mydelraybeach.com


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