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Hears discipline appeals from Civil Service employees.

Meetings are held as needed. (Calendar)

Board Membership
The Board is made up of three members, each appointed by the City Commission for a term of two years, and two members elected by civil service employees, each for a term of one year. If you wish to apply, please visit Boards and Committees to download an application.

Three members are to be of different vocations or vocational backgrounds; not employed by the municipality in any other capacity, official or otherwise. One alternate member is to have a different vocation or vocational background from other appointed members.

MemberTerm Ends
Eric Camacho July 1, 2018
Mindy Farber July 1, 2018
Yvonne Walker April 1, 2019
AlternateTerm Ends
Yelka Mikolji July 1, 2018


Elected Civil Service Representatives:
MemberTerm Ends
Andrea Franzone April 26, 2018
Dexter Hazel April 26, 2018
AlternateTerm Ends
Donald Moaratty April 26, 2018
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