Historic Districts

There are five Historic Districts listed in the Local Register of Historic Places.  They are...

Old School Square Historic District

Situated in the original geographic center of town, this fifteen block district features 176 structures, of which 101 are contributing (50 years old or older) buildings. The district provides the initial footprint for the settlement and development of the town. Every Pre-World War I and II Vernacular architectural style in the City can be found here. Rezoned for mixed use in 1990, Old School Square Historic District is proof that adaptive reuse of historic buildings increases the economic feasibility of restoring many of the town's most significant buildings.  MAP - OSSHAD.pdf

Nassau Park Historic District

Seventeen one and two story Cape Cod Colonial Revival cottages comprise this oceanside district. Platted in 1935, the district recalls the prosperity, pleasure, and style, which was the essence of the 1930s resort life in the City. The scale, dimension, and proportion of these modest homes are irreplaceable. Distinctive horizontal clapboard siding with multi-paned windows and elaborate doorways define these classic cottages. MAP - NASSAU.pdf

Del-Ida Park Historic District

The district consists of 58 acres containing 151 structures. With a total of 47 contributing buildings in the Mediterranean Revival style and Craftsman Bungalow designs, this residential neighborhood was platted in 1923. One of Delray's first planned developments; the district features a unique, diagonal street pattern with curvilinear corners creating triangular blocks with varying street frontages.  MAP - DEL IDA PARK.pdf

Marina Historic District

Situated on the Intracoastal Waterway and built around the town's City Marina, the district displays a variety of architectural styles. Streamline Moderne, Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival, and Bungalows blend with the distinctive sub-tropical landscape. With its narrow and shaded streets, and the City Marina as a focal point, this is the town's most pedestrian oriented neighborhood. The district contains 96 buildings of which 51 are contributing.  MAP - MARINA.pdf

West Settlers Historic District    

The West Settlers Historic District has a high threshold of historical significance. It is culturally meaningful for its association with the pioneering African-American families who helped settle the City. Education and religion were the two most important institutions in the early days of the neighborhood. A school, three churches, and a Masonic Lodge were all established within the West Settlers Historic District between 1895 and 1920. The district contains 53 structures, 23 of which have historic status.      MAP - WEST SETTLERS.pdf