Land Development Regulations

Each Section of the Land Development Regulations is provided below, and should be used for informational purposes only in researching for or beginning a new development proposal. It is strongly encouraged that a member of Staff be consulted prior to submitting any development proposal. The last update of the LDRs occured on October 14, 2014, and is reflected in the links below. 

NOTE: Staff is presently updating the LDRs in accordance with those Ordinances which have been approved by the City Commission since October 1, 2014. Please refer to those Ordinances listed on the LDR Updates page. 

HELPFUL HINT: To find more information on the Ordinances referenced next to those LDRs which have been amended, go to the City Clerk's page and look up the Ordinance number within the Document Archives


Table of Contents

Article 1.1 Adoption of Code

Article 1.2 Effect on Existing Law and Previous Development Approvals

Article 1.3 Nonconforming Uses, Lots, and Structures

Article 1.4 Interpretation, Enforcement, and Penalties

Article 2.1 The Development Services Management Group

Article 2.2 Establishment of Boards Having Responsibilities for LDRs

Article 2.4 General Procedures

Article 3.1 Required Findings for Land Use and Land Development Applications

Article 3.2 Performance Standards

Article 4.1 Establishment of Districts and Official Zoning Map

Article 4.2 Annexation and Initial Zoning

Article 4.3 District Regulations, General Provisions

Article 4.4 Base Zoning District All Zoning Districts are individually listed below. Please refer to the Zoning Map to find which district regulations are applicable for each property. 

   Section 4.4.1 Agricultural Zone District

   Section 4.4.2 Rural Residential Zone District

   Section 4.4.3 Single Family Residential Districts.pdf

   Section 4.4.4 Mobile Home District

   Section 4.4.5 Low Density Residential District

   Section 4.4.6 Medium Density Residential District

   Section 4.4.7 Planned Residential Development District

   Section 4.4.9 General Commercial District

   Section 4.4.10 Automotive Commercial District

   Section 4.4.11 Neighborhood Commercial District

   Section 4.4.12 Planned Commercial District

   Section 4.4.13 Central Business District   NOTE: The Central Business District (CBD) regulations were repealed and replaced with Ordinance 02-15, and further amended by Ordinance 27-15 and Ordinance 28-15. 

   Section 4.4.14 Resort Tourism District

   Section 4.4.15 Planned Office Center District

   Section 4.4.16 Professional and Office District

   Section 4.4.17 Residential Office District

   Section 4.4.18 Planned Commerce Center District

   Section 4.4.19 Mixed Industrial and Commercial District

    Section 4.4.20 Industrial District

    Section 4.4.21 Community Facilities District

    Section 4.4.22 Open Space District

    Section 4.4.23 Conservation District

    Section 4.4.24 Old School Square Historic Arts District

    Section 4.4.25 Special Activities District

    Section 4.4.26 Light Industrial District

    Section 4.4.27 Open Space and Recreation District

    Section 4.4.28 Central Business District Railroad Corridor The CBD-RC Zoning District was repealed in 2015; all associated regulations have been placed within Section 4.4.13, CBD.

    Section 4.4.29 Mixed Residential Office and Commercial District

Article 4.5 Overlay and Environmental Management Districts Section 4.5.1 provides regulations applicable to historic districts and those properties which are individually listed on the Local Register of Historic Places. Compliance with these regulations is required in addition to those for each zoning district. 

Article 4.6 Supplemental District Regulations Article 4.6 includes Special District Boundary Treatments-4.6.4, regulations for walls, fences, and hedges-4.6.5, Signs-4.6.7, Lighting-4.6.8, Parking-4.6.9, Sight Visibility-4.6.14, Swimming Pools-4.6.15, Landscaping-4.6.16, Architectural Elevations and Aesthetics-4.6.18, Trees-4.6.19.

Article 4.7 Family/Workforce Housing

Article 5.1 General Provisions

Article 5.2 Platting

Article 5.3 Dedication and Impact Requirements

Article 6.1 Design Standards and Requirements

Article 6.3 Use and Work in the Public Right of Way

Article 7.1 Building Regulations

Article 7.2 Electrical Code

Article 7.3 Gas Code

Article 7.4 Housing Code

Article 7.5 Mechanical Code

Article 7.6 Plumbing Code

Article 7.7 Wells and Sprinkler Systems

Article 7.8 Unsafe Buildings or Structures

Article 7.9 Docks, Dolphins, Finger Piers, and Boat Lifts

Article 7.10 Moving of Building

Article 8.1 The Community Redevelopment Agency

Article 8.2 The Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Article 8.3 West Atlantic Avenue Neighborhood Improvement District

Article 8.4 Special Assessments

Article 8.5 Public Arts Program

Article 8.6 Proportionate Fair-Share Program

Article 9.1 Adoption Of The Comprehensive Plan

Article 9.2 Amendment And Modification Of The Plan

Article 9.3 Implementation Of The Comprehensive Plan

Appendix A Definitions

Appendix B Downtown Development Authority Description

LDR Log Book

Map Log Book