Citywide Projects

Below is a list of major, new projects (located east of I-95) being processed by the Planning and Zoning Department and anticipated schedule for upcoming Board meetings.

The anticipated meeting date is based on the normal processing schedule and is subject to change.  Please contact the Project Planner to verify if there are any changes to the anticipated meeting date.

Available with certain projects are downloadable location maps, which have been archived in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Amendment to the Land Development Regulations Section 4.6.19 “Tree Ordinance”:   
  • Project Description:  This is a City-initiated amendment to the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) Section 4.6.19, Tree Ordinance. The main purpose for the proposed amendment to LDR 4.6.19 is to remove the sections that allow for the removal of trees through certain exemptions, and to promote the preservation of trees during development of new sites by increasing the in-lieu fee paid into the Tree Trust Fund.
  • Project Planner : Peter Anuar
  • Anticipated Meetings: Planning and Zoning Board: To Be Announced


Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan  Regarding the Water Supply Plan:
  • Project Description: Chapter 163, Part II, Florida Statues (F.S.), requires local governments to prepare and adopt Work Plans into their comprehensive plans after the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD-District) approves a regional water supply plan or its update. The Lower East Coast Water Supply Plan Update was approved by the District’s Governing Board on September 12, 2013. 
According to State guidelines, the City’s Work Plan and the comprehensive plan must address the development of traditional and alternative water supplies, service delivery and conservation and reuse programs necessary to serve existing and new development for at least a 10-year planning period.
A brief description of key elements of this amendment is listed below.
  • The City’s permitted potable water allocation was updated to be consistent with the City’s most recent SFWMD Water Use Permit (December 2010). Under this permit, the City’s Floridian well was converted from an Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) well to a potable water supply well and the surficial water allocation was slightly reduced.
  • A description of the City’s ongoing reclaimed water distribution program and its impact on the current and projected potable water demand was added to the document. 
  • A description of the City’s most recent water conservation efforts was added to the document. 
  • Amendments to the City’s Comprehensive Plan include amendments to the specific Elements that include reference to and/or portions impacting the Water Supply Facilities Work Plan.
  • Project Planner: Mark Stivers
  • Anticipated Meetings: City Commission: January 5, 2016