Citywide Projects

Below is a list of major, new projects (located east of I-95) being processed by the Planning and Zoning Department and anticipated schedule for upcoming Board meetings.

The anticipated meeting date is based on the normal processing schedule and is subject to change.  Please contact the Project Planner to verify if there are any changes to the anticipated meeting date.

Available with certain projects are downloadable location maps, which have been archived in Portable Document Format (PDF).

1. Amendments to the Land Development Regulations Section 2.4.3(K) “Fees

Description: This is a City-initiated amendment to the Land Development Regulations Section 2.4.3(K) “Fees”, Subsection 2.4.3(K)(1) “Development Applications”. An evaluation of the Delray Beach’s development application fees was undertaken. The review included a comparative analysis of municipalities based upon population, location, and development activity. The municipalities reviewed included the cities of Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter.  Some municipalities such as Lake Worth, Boca, Wellington, and Palm Beach Gardens use some form of a cost recovery program. This method requires an applicant to pay additional amounts depending on the level of effort performed by staff after the review process is initiated. Whereas, the City of Delray has a “one-time” or “flat” fee for each development application regardless of the effort required. 

Based upon the analysis increases to the development application fees are proposed. The fee increases proposed are designed to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Be more in-line with comparable communities
  • Reduce the public subsidy required to process the applications
  • Serve as a financial barrier to frivolous requests (i.e. Future Land Use Map Amendment)
  • Increase all privately-initiated application fees (i.e. user fees)

 Anticipated Meetings:  City Commission: September 15, 2015 and October 6, 2015

 Project Planner: Jennifer Buce

Florida Railroad

  • Site Plan
  • Image
  • Image
  • Location/Address - Florida Railroad wishes to locate at 2101 South Congress Avenue (Hardrives Property).
  • Description - Florida Railroad is engaged in the restoration, repair and service of railroad cars, a use that is not specifically listed as an allowable use in the Industrial (I) zone district. The request is to determine that the repair and service of railroad cars have similar characteristics to the principal use category of boat repair and service. If this determination of a similarity of use is approved, the repair and service of railroad cars would be allowed as a principal use within the Industrial (I) zoning district.
  • Project Planner - Candi Jefferson
  • Meeting Date - Site Plan Review Board: August 26, 2015
  • Agent - Bradley Miller
  • Agent Ph# - (561) 736-8838

City-initiated Amendments to the Land Development Regulations (LDR) Pertaining to the Relocation of Historic Structures:

  • Document
  • Description - This involes an amendments to LDR Section 4.5.1(E)(6), "Historic Structures" to provide specific criteria and requirements for the relocation of contributing or individually designated structures.
  • Project Planner - Amy Alvarez     
  • Meeting Date - City Commission: September 15, 2015