Reducing False Alarms

A false alarm is any alarm activation caused by human error or equipment malfunction, requiring police response, and with no evidence of a crime having been committed.

In 2008 the Delray Beach police officers responded to 6,375 alarms, of which 161 were actual crimes (burglaries, assaults, trespass, etc.) and 1,914 were non-billable alarms, such as those occurring at schools or city properties.

Following are the numbers of false alarms to which Officers responded during 2008.

Accidental trips of Alarms 1246
Proper Code 706
Malfunctions of Alarms 2083
Unlocked doors (non criminal) 162
Weather (storms) 103
TOTAL 4300

The cost to the City for the above false alarms was $318,200.

The Most Frequent Causes of False Alarms

Human Error

  • Incorrect key pad procedures
  • Failure to train other authorized users
  • Failure to secure doors and windows before arming your alarm
  • Failure to update authorized users listed with your alarm company

Equipment Malfunction

  • Improper application/installation of interior/outdoor beams
  • Battery malfunctions
  • Faulty equipment such as keypads or detectors

Reducing False Alarms

  • Make sure all doors and windows are secure prior to arming your alarm.
  • Be aware of changes in the alarms.
  • Be aware of your environment (animals, weather, seasonal decorations).
  • Notify your alarm company of any changes in regards to new authorized users.

Alarm Registration

All residential and commercial alarm systems must be registered with the City of Delray Beach. Online registration is available.