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A Sustainable City

South Florida's attraction as a destination to live, work and play is intrinsically connected to its coastlines, the sun and surf, the high quality lifestyle of its growing cities and suburbs, and the beauty of its diverse natural habitat. Balancing modern society's demands for resources, such as energy, water and land, with the protection of the natural environment; and doing this in an equitable manner that allows for future generations to enjoy a similar standard of living, is the goal of sustainable development. Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. It seeks to reduce society's carbon footprint and the degradation of natural resources though conservation, efficiency, and judicious use and reuse of these assets. It promotes adoption of renewable energy, shifts in consumer preferences and awareness of personal and collective responsibilities to issues of social justice. Sustainability includes mitigating and adapting to the numerous challenges posed by climate change, and creating resiliency that will allow future generations to thrive and prosper.

The City of Delray Beach is proud to embrace a holistic and comprehensive approach to sustainable development, and encourages residents and visitors to participate in these efforts. To learn more about the city's commitment to these initiatives and the implementation strategy, please read the key documents below.
Tip of the Month - Attend an Earth Day Event on April 22nd!
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Earth Day is April 22nd and the City of Delray Beach will be celebrating with a at the Old School Square Pavilion. More than 25 vendors will have booths, and this is the greatest opportunity to learn about solar technology, electric cars, impacts of sea trash, and financing options for making "green improvements" to your property.  Attending an Earth Day event is not just educational, it demonstrates support for these businesses and makes policy leaders aware of the community's support for these initiatives.  Come out on Earth Day and be counted. 

Projects On the Sustainability Desk.....
  • Community Gardens Program and Urban Farming
  • Reinvigorating the PACE program
  • Supporting Textile Recycling
  • Compliant Turtle Lighting on the Beaches
  • Planning Earth Day Celebration for April 22, 2017 

Green Implementation Advancement Board (GIAB)- The City of Delray Beach Green Implementation Advancement Board meets at 9:00am on third Thursday of each month.  As ESD is hosting a regional climate change meeting, the next meeting is planned for a Friday, June 1st, in the Board Room at the City of Delray Beach Environmental Services Department located at 434 South Swinton Avenue. The meeting is open to the public. More information on GIAB can be found under the GIAB tab.

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